if you are living, working or about to move to
you need to speak to our local independent advisors

The simple fact is that you need to have insurance cover if you are living, working or about to move to Germany, but perhaps ineligible to join the German Public Health insurance system or perhaps unable to purchase local private medical insurance cover, ALC Health's international plans may be able to help you.

With a range of cover options to choose from, the chances are we have the plan to suit you, but choosing
the right cover is never an easy process which is why we recommend that you contact an ALC Health independent advisor first.

By speaking with one of our specialist 'local' advisors, all of whom are
living in Germany and who understand the local rules and regulations about living and working in Germany, you will get the very best help and practical advice in choosing the cover that's right for you, at the right price. , s...
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Buying Medical Insurance in Germany

Our independent advisors live and work in German and have built up a wealth of knowledge about the complicated legislation surrounding health insurance which you will need for residency status. To find out how this may affect you, click the arrow here to find out more about "Living in Germany".

ALC Health offers products in the Germany market under the Insurance Mediation Directive. For the avoidance of doubt ALC Health’s products are not a substitute for German compulsory Public Health insurance (Versicherungsaufsichtsgesetz - VAG

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