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Private Medical and Health Insurance in Portugal


If you're living or working in Portugal, health insurance is of vital importance if you don't want to incur a large bill for your healthcare. In Portugal, there are many high quality clinics and hospitals but these can come at a high price - higher than many people could afford to pay out of pocket.
Even if you have a local health insurance plan, it may not cover the full cost of your medical treatment. You may therefore want to consider one of ALC Health's plans. These not only provide international health insurance in Portugal, but every other country in your (selected) area of cover. This means that if you're working in Portugal but it isn't your home country, you can still choose to receive your healthcare where you come from (providing that country is in your area of cover).

If the Portugal healthcare system is new to you, our claims team can help you every step of the way. When taking out cover with us, you will also get exclusive access to ALC World. On this dedicated site for our members you can search for doctors and hospitals, get translations of drugs and medical terms, as well as a destination profile for Portugal.

Health insurance through ALC Health also covers you to receive treatment in any hospital and from any doctor - there are no hospital networks. This gives you the peace of mind that your healthcare is in the best hands.
As one of the leading providers of international health insurance in Portugal, we have built a reputation over more than a decade as an insurer that provides attentive service and places a high emphasis on making it easy, efficient and straightforward to take out the cover that meets your needs.
One reason we have gained this enviable reputation is because many of our employees have lived and worked overseas themselves. This gives them a unique insight into the needs of expatriates and global travellers, helping them to take out the best international health insurance in Portugal and the rest of the world.

For further information about our range of comprehensive international health insurance plans, you can:
And remember . . . local health insurance plans may appear inexpensive at first sight but more often than not, the benefits they offer fall short of the cover that you need to pay for your healthcare in Portugal.

lowest cost plan designed to cover private medical insurance at an affordable price by offering essential private medical treatment with the option to include evacuation or repatriation cover.

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