Private medical health insurance in Spain

If you are an expat living or working in Spain, it's important that you protect yourself against the high cost medical treatment and with cost and quality of healthcare varying enormously from town to town, you may need to travel to a different area if you require specialist treatment.

One option is to buy a local insurance policy, but these plans often restrict you as to how much will be paid out for treatment and where you can receive your healthcare in Spain. Health insurance from ALC Health can help you avoid these problems and our range of comprehensive plans offer the following advantages:

  • No hospital restrictions - You're free to choose any hospital for your healthcare in Spain
  • Covered in other countries - If you're an expat looking for health insurance in Spain, all our plans provide cover for treatment in other countries within your selected area. There are no hospital restrictions for treatment in other countries either
  • Tailor your insurance - Our plans allow you to add cover for routine pregnancy & childbirth, dental treatment and/or evacuation or repatriation, making your private health insurance in Spain truly individual
  • Choice of currencies - You can pay for your premiums in Sterling, Euros or US Dollars
  • Reduce your premiums - You can choose to have a higher excess to lower the amount you pay for your cover

ALC Health plans are designed to be flexible and give you the freedom to pick and choose the cover you need at a price that suits your budget.
 EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) for UK nationals

Whilst you may already have an EHIC card, the cover it offers is only available if you normally reside in the UK and whilst in Spain on holiday or for a temporary stay. If you are a resident in Spain, then your EHIC will not cover the cost of your medical treatment in Spain. 

Find out more about the EHIC restrictions, please click the blue button. 


ALC Health, local support in Spain.
Spain is also the home of our European Regional Centre with offices in Marbella and Madrid, where we are on hand to give you local support and assistance. All our staff are experienced expatriates and not only understand the Spanish healthcare system but the process of sourcing medical treatment in Spain.

This enables ALC Health to stand out from other providers of health insurance in Spain as a company that is able to offer not only a range of high quality plans but also the highest level of personal customer care that you deserve.


For further information about our range of comprehensive plans, you can:


to get a quote for international health insurance in Spain 

  • Call our local Spanish office on (+34) 952 93 16 09
  • Email our local office in Malaga at
  • Speak to your specialist insurance advisor

And remember . . . local health insurance plans may appear inexpensive at first sight but more often than not, the benefits they offer fall short of the cover that you need to pay for your healthcare in Spain.
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