ALC Staff join Charity Mountain Walk with the Rotary Club of Marbella

Sue, Steve and Annette from ALC Health’s Spanish office joined the RCM again last Sunday 5th October for their annual Charity Mountain Walk in support of Hogar Betania in La Linea.

IMG_3170 Charity Walk Oct 2014La Linea is one of the poorest areas in Spain and has an increasing problem with homelessness of men, women and children.  For several years Begonia Arana Alvarez has run a hostel but now has a larger building, a disused old people’s home.  It requires a great deal of renovation and RCM is amongst those helping to supply materials, fences, gates, doors and kitchen equipment.  The home is due to open on Saturday 15th November.

Begonia participated in the walk with her new husband (a policeman), and her adopted daughter.  She is an extraordinary person who has been nominated for the Rotary Humanitarian Award 2014.

ALC Health was delighted to be invited by the RCM to participate in a 12 km walk to the Cruz de Juanar to see the breathtaking views of North Africa, Gibraltar, Marbella and Estepona, and the legendary cross, which  commemorates the safe return of fishermen.

The walk took 4 hours and gave us a chance to experience the beauty of the forest and the magnificence of the mountains.

It was great to see the RCM members again and to share such a memorable day!

Ebola medical evacuation flights cut

Several commercial airlines have announced that they have stopped all flights to the region and there are reports of countries not allowing air ambulances to make refuelling stops, further complicating the medical evacuation option that many companies provide for their employees in high risk affected areas such as Sierra Leone and Liberia.

One medical evacuation company, International SOS, has also announced that they will no longer provide emergency medical evacuation services for patients with Ebola symptoms stating that “International evacuation should not be considered as feasible for patients with active clinical symptoms of Ebola,” in a statement on its website last updated on Thursday. “International evacuation of patients with Ebola or other viral haemorrhagic fevers is highly complex, and may not be achievable,”