Looking after your teeth abroad

The goal of Healthy Travel Blog is to help you stay healthy while gallivanting around the world; to take smart precautions and do proper travel preparation to avoid both the worry that something will go wrong and to make things easier if something does go wrong. But, inevitably, bones will break and muscles will get strained, and we hope that we’re providing you smart guidance on how to navigate these occurrences writes  at www.healthytravelblog.com Continue reading Looking after your teeth abroad

Ebola outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo

As of 20 August 2012, a total of 15 (13 probable and 2 confirmed) cases with 10 deaths have been reported in Province Orientale in Eastern DRC. The reported cases and deaths have occurred in 3 health zones as follows: 12 cases and 8 deaths in Isiro, including three (3) health care workers who have died; 2 cases and 1 death in Pawa; and 1 fatal case in Dungu reports the World Health Organisation. Continue reading Ebola outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo

Cholera in Sierra Leone

Since the beginning of the year, Sierra Leone has recorded 11 653 cases of cholera, with 216 deaths (Case Fatality Rate of 1.9%). The rate of new cases has accelerated rapidly since the beginning of August: since then, 5 706 cases have been recorded, and two new districts, Bonthe and Kono, have been affected by the epidemic. Ten of the country’s 13 districts are now registering cases and this spread emphasizes the need to rapidly scale up the response, reports the World Health Organisation. Continue reading Cholera in Sierra Leone

Most common insurance claims made by travelers are for back pain, respiratory issues and gastrointestinal problems.

When we think about medical emergencies while traveling, many people instantly conjure up images of airlifts out of disaster areas. But those occurrences are thankfully rare. More commonly, people suffer bumps, bruises and maybe breaks, and the “emergency” stems from lack of familiarity with the health system in a foreign land writes  for the healthytravelblog.com Continue reading Most common insurance claims made by travelers are for back pain, respiratory issues and gastrointestinal problems.

Expats living in Spain to be forced to buy medical insurance

All EU citizens who are moving to Spain for longer than three months will face added paperwork – and in some cases, a requirement to prove that they are covered by private health insurance – under new residency requirements unveiled last month.

Reports comments that in an effort by cash-strapped Spain to save €1m a year, EU citizens applying for residency in Spain henceforth “may be required to produce evidence of sufficient financial means to support themselves (and dependants)”, according to an “unofficial” translation by the British Embassy of the key parts of the Spanish legislation, which was unveiled on 10 July. Continue reading Expats living in Spain to be forced to buy medical insurance

Groot Christian Louboutin Heren Schoenen Outlet Online Winkel

De duivel is altijd in de details als het gaat om christian louboutin schoenen en tassen, en het is vooral te wijten aan talent van de ontwerper voor het combineren van sierlijke patronen en texturen in één vloeiende, elegant geheel. Christian Louboutin Spring 2016 collectie is bijzonder spannend, want we hebben drie nieuwe schoenen stijlen om naar uit te kijken (en, natuurlijk, een scala aan luxe schoeisel).

Louboutin vervolgt zijn traject om lijn van handtassen van het merk uit te breiden, en in het voorjaar de inspanningen onder de Louboutin Heren Schoenen, de Triloubi Crossbody en Eloise Tote. De Paloma is de meest gestructureerde handtas die we hebben gezien van het merk, en het beschikt over een portfolio interieur. Geïnspireerd door Louboutin’s liefde voor Parijse cabaret showgirl, de Paloma is gelijke delen vrouwelijk en edgy met de ondertekening spiked loopsplitten.

De Triloubi is een slanke alledaagse optie als u liever een schouder of crossbody Louboutin Schoenen te dragen. De drie rits compartimenten zijn ruim genoeg om u georganiseerd te houden en toch passen alle benodigdheden. De Eloise Tote is voorzien van de handtekening spiked louboutin heren schoenen je zult herkennen van het ene van het merk populaire ontwerp Sweet Charity, en alle drie nieuwe opties zijn zowel praktisch als visueel opvallend.

Wanneer we spreken Christian Louboutin Outlet, kunt u niet verlaten de schoenen. De ontwerper referenties natuur in deze collectie, met aquamarijn en Amazone motieven, patronen en texturen. Zoals altijd, het is de kleine details op een Louboutin dat de grootste impact te maken, zoals u zult zien in de hand geplaatst kristallen op de Dorissima Clair Strass pomp of de kraal werk aan de Tipika Gab Brode heren sandal.

Maar als ik even kan duren voordat obsederen over wat ik denk dat het de opvallende stuk in deze collectie: de luipaard pony haar en dus mesh Baker Specchio Knot Pony sandalen. (Amanda zei dat ik kon deze af te trekken, en dat is alles wat de geruststelling ik nodig heb). Er is veel aan de hand voor een sandaal, maar ze zijn zo opvallend en sexy – in principe alles wat de christian Louboutin Heren merken voor staat!

Expats struggling to breathe in China’s “Greyjing”?

China is considered one of the top destinations for expat assignments, according to the Global Mobility Survey 2012. However, the condition of the air in many of China’s fast developing cities leaves a lot to be desired writes  of expathealth.org 

Beijing, or “Greyjing” as it has been dubbed, is full of centuries old heritage sites and cultural gems, however, the chronic air pollution makes it one of the worst cities to live in. Lung cancer rates among the cities 20 million inhabitants are rising, say the cities health officials. Many multinational companies consider Beijing to be a hardship posting, and despite the extra allowances this classification brings, some executives are leaving. Continue reading Expats struggling to breathe in China’s “Greyjing”?

Cap at €1,500 per person for healthcare costs in Greece

It seems Greece’s financial crisis is set to continue as it struggles to make agreed bailout targets. To meet the financial benchmarks the government is preparing to make €11.6 billion cuts, with pensions and healthcare expected to be widely hit writes  of expathealth.org

To make the cuts proposed by The International Monetary Fund (IMF), the European Union and the European Central Bank, known as the Troika, the government is looking at capping state-funded healthcare coverage to only €1,500 per year. Currently Greece provides universal care for residents, a large portion of which is state-funded. A cap at €1,500 would put a huge strain on people which chronic conditions or those needing expensive cancer treatment. Continue reading Cap at €1,500 per person for healthcare costs in Greece