Expats struggling to breathe in China’s “Greyjing”?

China is considered one of the top destinations for expat assignments, according to the Global Mobility Survey 2012. However, the condition of the air in many of China’s fast developing cities leaves a lot to be desired writes  of expathealth.org 

Beijing, or “Greyjing” as it has been dubbed, is full of centuries old heritage sites and cultural gems, however, the chronic air pollution makes it one of the worst cities to live in. Lung cancer rates among the cities 20 million inhabitants are rising, say the cities health officials. Many multinational companies consider Beijing to be a hardship posting, and despite the extra allowances this classification brings, some executives are leaving. Continue reading Expats struggling to breathe in China’s “Greyjing”?

Cap at €1,500 per person for healthcare costs in Greece

It seems Greece’s financial crisis is set to continue as it struggles to make agreed bailout targets. To meet the financial benchmarks the government is preparing to make €11.6 billion cuts, with pensions and healthcare expected to be widely hit writes  of expathealth.org

To make the cuts proposed by The International Monetary Fund (IMF), the European Union and the European Central Bank, known as the Troika, the government is looking at capping state-funded healthcare coverage to only €1,500 per year. Currently Greece provides universal care for residents, a large portion of which is state-funded. A cap at €1,500 would put a huge strain on people which chronic conditions or those needing expensive cancer treatment. Continue reading Cap at €1,500 per person for healthcare costs in Greece