Biggest travel irritations this holiday season

For air-travellers there appear to be many annoyances, particularly during the crowded holiday period. Nearly half of people (39%) surveyed said a kicking or screaming baby near them on the flight would be their top annoyance. Nearly a fifth (17%) of people said watching other passengers squash their hand luggage bothers them the most. Sitting next to someone who gets up multiple times to use the toilet and loud music coming from a neighbour’s headphones came third and fourth on the list of things most likely to annoy people. Continue reading Biggest travel irritations this holiday season

Ebola in Uganda

The Ministry of Health in Uganda reported 7 cases (6 confirmed, 1 probable)  with Ebola haemorrhagic fever in Luweero and Kampala districts.  Of these cases, 4 died. Field teams continue to investigate cases alerted to them from the communities.  The major challenge faced in some communities is the belief that witch-craft and not Ebola was the cause of deaths, despite ongoing  intensive awareness campaigns.  Social mobilization teams are working closely with traditional healers and religious leaders to raise awareness on prevention and control of the disease. Continue reading Ebola in Uganda

Yellow fever in Sudan update

As of 4 December, a total of 732 suspected cases of yellow fever, including 165 deaths have been reported in 33 out of 64 localities in Darfur.  Laboratory results have confirmed yellow fever by IgM ELISA test and PCR in 40 clinical samples. Tests were conducted at the National Public Health Laboratory in Khartoum, with support from the US Naval Medical Unit 3 (NAMRU-3), WHO Collaborating Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases. Continue reading Yellow fever in Sudan update