Biggest travel irritations this holiday season

For air-travellers there appear to be many annoyances, particularly during the crowded holiday period. Nearly half of people (39%) surveyed said a kicking or screaming baby near them on the flight would be their top annoyance. Nearly a fifth (17%) of people said watching other passengers squash their hand luggage bothers them the most. Sitting next to someone who gets up multiple times to use the toilet and loud music coming from a neighbour’s headphones came third and fourth on the list of things most likely to annoy people.

Travel by car is the most popular option for Americans travelling this holiday season, with 59% of people polled preferring to use the car. Three in ten (26%) people said a GPS or navigation system that fails or provides outdated directions is there biggest irritation. Nearly a quarter (22%) claim their biggest frustration is the back seat driver who should driving tips. Other annoyances on the road include passengers who keep insisting on stopping to use the toilet (15%), and passengers with bad music taste who control the radio (10%).

Health tips for Christmas travellers

Expats travelling this Christmas should plan in advance to ensure they arrive at their destination in the best of health. All the situations above are a recipe for stress which can lead to poor health. Travellers should follow the following advice where possible:

  • drink lots of water on the plane as the air isn’t humidified which leads to dehydration, one or two glasses an hour is a good amount.
  • every hour on the road or in a plane stop and stretch your muscles. Have a walk around to help prevent thrombosis, swollen feet, aching muscles and indigestion.
  • during takeoff and landing suck a sweet or chew gum as this can help relieve the pressure build-up in your ears and sinuses. If the pressure doesn’t equalize then pinch the tip of your nose and blow out with your mouth closed.
  • motion sickness can be prevented by taking anti-motion sickness pill before you travel. In the car open a window to provide fresh air and avoid reading or looking down for extended periods.

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