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Lauren Kingston’s ‘Horse of the Year’ result.

ALC Health’s Lauren Kingston has achieved a fantastic 8th place in the Mountain & Moorland Ridden Fell/Dales Pony of the Year competition at this year’s Horse of the Year competition at the NEC in Birmingham which show cases some of Britain’s finest native breeds. Texting back to the office this morning after her amazing performance, Lauren commented,“We were 8th.. He was amazing.. I’m so proud of him!!”.

An amazing result for Lauren and her horse and very well deserved. Next year……….

Quality of life report : what the expats say

The NatWest International Personal Banking Quality of Life Report  is a global study of British expatriates’ opinion and attitudes to living abroad. The Report, now in its sixth year, examines attitudes to lifestyle, employment and financial status and is conducted in conjunction with the Centre of Future Studies among 1,800 British expats.

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Survey shows that almost half expats do not have sufficient medical insurance

Around half of expats probably do not have sufficient international private medical insurance and risk the prospect of incurring heavy costs if they become ill or suffer a serious accident.

Industry data shows the percentage of expats who hold international private medical insurance standing at around the 50% mark.

Although international private medical insurance provides real peace of mind for those concerned about long term or chronic illnesses which may strike, this kind of insurance is equally relevant for helping expats who may have been injured in a car accident or who might be struck down with an unexpected illness.

More often than not, the cost of a course of medical treatment is unknown.  International medical insurance premiums vary enormously and reflect medical costs. They are made up of many elements, not just the cost of the drugs, treatments and the wage of the specialist, local surgeon or doctor. It is also a fact that medical inflation tends to run at higher levels that normal consumer inflation, and inevitably, the cost of carrying out a procedure will be reflected in the premium rates.

Should medical insurance be compulsory for migrants?

As the party conference season gets underway, the NHS – and how to pay for healthcare – will be in the political headlines again reports the Health Insurance & protection Daily

Earlier this week, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg told the Liberal Democrat conference that he would fight to ring-fence the NHS budget against any other public spending cuts. And ahead of its own conference, UKIP has unveiled its own proposals for saving the NHS budget – compulsory medical insurance for migrants who do not qualify for free care on the health service.


New ALC Health plans win international private medical insurance product design prize

HI Magazine

Leading international publication the ‘Health Insurance & Protection Daily’ has given ALC Health’s new Prima Plans the ‘thumbs up’ in their product review, awarding Prima Platinum and Prima Concept plans a whopping 8 out of 10 rating.

The Judges commented that “ALC Health has effectively topped and tailed its existing Prima plan, offering both super budget and high end benefits” adding that “One advantage of having a wider range is that clients can choose which version best suits their needs.

In particular, above inflation price rises have led to more people choosing budget cover, so having a new budget option should open up the market for this plan. Clients could then upgrade their benefits as budgets allow.”

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ALC Health launches new online quotation service

Today sees the launch of ALC Health’s new upgraded online quotation facility ( providing fast flexible quotes across our full range of four core international medical insurance plans.




ALC Health launches two new international medical insurance plans

new_iconWith the increasing demand for international private medical insurance, ALC Health has launched two new plans to complement its existing range of Prima Healthcare products.

Prima Concept is a new budget plan targeting those who are looking for their basic healthcare necessities to be covered including hospital care, specialist treatments, family doctor fees and emergency evacuation benefits.

Aimed at the growing demand for low cost quality international medical insurance plans across Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Prima Concept offers a choice of currency and excess options that make this new plan particularly attractive to anyone looking for medical insurance on a budget.

Prima Platinum, meanwhile is a benefit rich package, is ALC Health’s second new offering aimed at the top end of the market.

With an extensive range of high value benefits and the option to select from a choice of four levels of routine pregnancy and childbirth cover, enhanced routine dental benefits and full refund evacuation or repatriation cover,  Prima Platinum is aimed at Corporate International Executives and High Net Worth Individuals who are looking for the ‘best available’ coverand including IVF Treatment, Kidney Dialysis, extended Chronic Treatment and full Cancer cover including hospice care.

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Andrew Apps, Director at ALC Health comments:

“We have been listening carefully to what iPMI brokers across the world have been saying to us about the need for both high level and value added products which would fill the gap around many traditional expatriate plans common place to international medical insurance providers.

Their insight has been invaluable and enabled ALC Health to create two exciting new iPMI solutions that we believe provide a real answer to the growing demand for flexible international private medical insurance particularly across the emerging markets of South East Asia and Continental Africa where demand for products that combine financial security with high quality customer support has never been greater.