The Hidden Benahavis charity walk sees record numbers making the big trek including ALC Health’s own European office team

A great day out in the ‘campo’ writes Campbell Ferguson of this year’s ALC Health Sponsored Charity walk starting with a refreshing walk upriver from Benahavis, through the bordering pine woods.

SAM_0783 (3)It’s so lovely to walk in the warmth with no bogs or mud underfoot. Turning left at the reservoir dam and leaving the ‘easy 1’s behind, we started to climb, soon coming out of the trees in the valley onto the open countryside. Then we started to realise how warm the day was going to be, excellent for mid-October. Thankfully we would be back in the ‘pueblo’ before the real heat developed.
We passed along stony tracks to the heights, with only one detour, stopping upon occasions for the few stragglers to catch up. We really were an evenly matched group. From the top we descended a stony, pebble strewn path down towards the trees and the reservoir. A few slips and slides saw us walking along the water’s edge, admiring the geese and lined up along the barrier for the group photo. A gentle stroll along the road back to the village and the steep climb up to the square and we were there!
Welcome drinks were ordered; most refreshing foot massages partaken; and excellent traditional Spanish meal devoured, all in the gentle breezy sunshine. Good company, well organised walk and meal, so an excellent day. Congratulations to all involved and especially to the sponsors and massagers who made the day doubly satisfying.