Do you have a job that requires you to travel frequently or are you simply someone who loves to travel ?

If Beach Scene (1)the answer to either is yes,  here are some tips on how to prevent illnesses or other health complications while travelling.

Be Selective About Your Meals
Try to find out how your food was prepared. By eating or dining in well-established restaurants, which to be fair are usually a little more expensive, your food is likely to have been better prepared and stored in more hygienic conditions.

Avoid uncooked food
Fruit or salad shouldn’t be part of your diet while traveling, nor should uncooked vegetables but if you can’t avoid them make sure that they are thoroughly washed in clean water and fruit and salad is completely dried before you eat it.

Avoid ice and straws
Typhoid is normally transmitted through contaminated water and although most people usually remember to avoid drinking tap water when travelling, many forget that the ice in their cocktails is more often than not made from tap water.

Seek out local foreigners
Having a friend who is a ‘local’ can be helpful in identifying places which serve food that is free from disease and unhealthy bacteria.

Bottled water
Always carry your own bottled water and ensure that you use bottled water when brushing your teeth and keep your mouth closed when showering.

Be cautious of the dairy
Whilst delicious, these foods often harbor harmful bacteria.”