Blood Care Foundation goes to the Aid of British Student

The importance of having access to clean blood cannot not be over played, particularly when you are travelling or working overseas as was seen when Philip Pain, a Southampton University student studying Spanish in Mexico, fell from a 7th storey balcony and sustained multiple life threatening injuries.

The hospital had insufficient supplies of blood of his group, O NEG, and so the Blood Care Foundation (BCF) was asked to assist.

The BCF (Blood Care Foundation) contacted one of its associate blood banks, based in Florida, and arranged for a BCF courier to deliver 12 units of O negative blood to the hospital in Mazatlan. The journey was complicated involving 3 flights, with, in one case, only 30 minutes between arrival and departure. But the blood arrived safely yesterday (January 4th) afternoon. This delivery will prove vital in helping to stabilise the patient for both forthcoming operations and possible evacuation.”

With ALC Health’s Prima Premier plans, every policyholder is automatically provided with FREE membership of the Blood Care Foundation (BCF), ensuring that should the unexpected happen and emergency blood is needed, supplies of clean blood are immediately made available and sent to where they are needed no matter where in the world that may be.

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