Cholera in Sierra Leone

The Ministry of Health and Sanitation (MOHS) in Sierra Leone continues to work closely with partners at the national and international levels to step up response to the ongoing cholera outbreak. Twelve of the 13 districts in Sierra Leone have been affected since the beginning of the year reports the WHO

In the last 2 months, remarkable progress has been made in controlling the outbreak. A steady decline in daily reported cases continues to be observed. As of the 2 October 2012 the national cumulative number for all twelve districts is 20 736 cases, including 280 deaths (case fatality rate or CFR=1.35%).

The cumulative CFR declined from an average of 3.2% in July 2012 to below 0.5% in September 2012. Two (2) deaths have been reported in the last 8 days (since 23 September 2012). The western area of the country where the capital city of Freetown is located has been the most affected location with more than 50% of total cases.