Healthy Travel Trends for 2013

Despite plenty of uncertainty around the globe, 2012 has been a robust year for travel, with more than one billion people crossing international borders this year.  It seems the era of the staycation is over.

And there is a growing awareness of the need to maintain healthy behaviors while traveling.

Traveling internationally can be grueling – flying across time zones, being in an uncomfortable bed, eating different food and having a packed schedule that leaves little time for fitness. So a greater commitment to being healthy while globetrotting is just smart; you’ll feel better, have more fun and get more out of the trip, whether it’s for business or pleasure.

One thing is for sure – the amount of traveling we do is not going to slow down any time soon; an American Express study predicted an upsurge in business travel next year, particularly to Latin America, Asia, and Eastern Europe.

So as our attention to healthy traveling continues to grow, here is a list of the healthy travel trends we expect to see in 2013 reports the

  • Better hotel fitness facilities. In the “arms race” that is the hotel industry, hotels are trying to differentiate from the competition by offering guests the latest and greatest in fitness options. That means you’ll see fitness rooms continue to grow into health club-worthy facilities; no more closets with 25-year-old Nautilus equipment.
  • Healthier food on the plane. Yes, it’s quite true that getting a meal on the plane is nowhere near as common as it once was. However, the meals we’re getting are trending towards healthier. And Virgin Air is leading the way with offerings such as its protein box and Mediterranean wraps.
  • More adventure travel. This trend is becoming more popular as an adventurous new generation of global citizens looks for interesting new travel experiences. They’re even embracing “adventure honeymoons.”
  • Digital Detox. Quiet!!! In our hyper-connected world, escaping the digital leash is becoming more and more attractive. Look for the number of unplugged vacations to rise as more resorts offer technology-free environments without TV or Wi-Fi, typically combined with wellness services such as meditation and yoga. After all, a vacation is supposed to be about relaxing, right?

Reproduced by ALC Health with the kind permission of the