The gathering storm of H7N9 virus could be ‘one of the most lethal so far’

This Flu Virus COULD lead to the Pandemic (if human-human transmission occurs) we expected but did NOT get in 2009 from Swine Flu (if this one doesn’t we have H5N1 to worry about and a novel Corona (SARS like ) virus lurking!) writes Dr Charlie Easmon who believes that all companies should have a Pandemic FLU Contingency Plan for distribution that outlines

What is to be done at each stage of the spread of the disease in terms of:

Travel to and from certain locations (i.e. China)
What possible border restrictions may apply and when
What to do if a suspected case arises in another country (ie Afghanistan to UK)
What personal protection Measures (PEP) should be in place for which staff
where (ie masks etc)
What vaccination measures (seasonal flu vaccination and at a later stage
specific vaccination) should be in place when
What antiviral measure (ie Tamiflu) should be in place – To order Tamiflu we
need a signed letter on headed paper requesting an amount ( we will charge £70
per box but your own sources may be much cheaper)

What ADDITIONAL hygiene measures are to be put in place where (i.e. no hand
shaking, enhanced cleaning of door handles and computers etc)

For more information contact
Dr Charlie Easmon MBBS MRCP MSc Public Health DTM&H DOccMed by calling +44 (0)20 7580 5467