Traveling with Food Allergies

So let’s be real, the world isn’t pre-designed for people with restrictions such as food allergies. As a food allergy sufferer and a travel extraordinaire, I have come to realize this the hard way. I have also come to realize that if I am proactive about managing my dietary restrictions, most places are more than willing to work with me and often have options for me!  This sure makes a gal feel special!

The first line of travel is usually transportation. I don’t think many modes of transportation still provide a meal or snack other than a plane.  Almost every major airline provides special meals or snacks to fit your needs.  If you have a dietary restriction, it’s a smart idea to contact the airline ahead of time.

Another smart thing to do when you travel is to carry a card listing your dietary restriction. You will inevitably eat a meal or two out while away from home and will want to communicate your restrictions to the chef as necessary.  Many chefs actually appreciate you providing a list of any allergies or health conditions so that they can modify a dinner before preparing it.

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