The 5 Healthiest Airlines – the best food in the sky over the US

If you’ve ever had a bad dining experience on an airplane and are still permanently scarred by that rubbery chicken dinner, you’re probably anxiously awaiting the day when the healthy food trend hits airline menus. Guess what? We’re here! Well, almost.

While they aren’t exactly renowned for serving five-star cuisine, a nutrition professor from the City University of New York has rated the best and worst menus of US domestic airlines, providing the perfect guide for any frequent flyer.

Over the last 12 years Charles Platkin, also known as the “Airline Food Bully,” has researched and tested numerous airline foods served to economy-class passengers, in the hope of both educating flyers and revamping menus.

Here’s Platkin’s list of the five healthiest airlines . . . read more here


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