Please Turn off All Digital Devices & the Rest of the Week in Travel and Health

I board the plane, I open up my iPad and I start reading a book. Fifteen minutes later the crew tells us to turn off all electronic devices. So I stop reading. But then I’m bored and start flipping through Skymall, which is not the most productive use of time writes John Miller of the

Twenty to thirty minutes later, we’re told we can turn on our devices again, and I return to reading, somewhat perturbed that I am forced to endure literarus interruptus. I know – first world problems, right? But we all know that flying can be inconvenient, and this is just another inconvenience.

However, there’s good news. The New York Times’ Jad Mouwad and Nick Bilton report that the Federal Aviation Administration is considering easing those restrictions on reading eBooks, watching videos and listening to podcasts. Read More >