What does the European Health Directive mean for expats?

Countries have until 25 October 2013 to implement the European Union Health Directive, which officially comes into force on 1 October. The Directive aims to clarify citizens’ rights to seek treatment in any European Economic Area (EEA) country writes expathealth.org

Under the Directive, British expat workers who are still considered residents of the UK will be eligible for medical treatment in any EEA country they choose, under certain conditions.

 The Directive isn’t introducing new patient rights, rather it seeks to clarify the current ones, and provide a framework for cross-border healthcare. The rules under which patients can access care and what treatment they are entitled too will also be covered by the Directive.

As well as overseas workers, the rules also apply to holiday-makers and people on short business trips. However, if an expat leaves the UK to live permanently in another EEA country, they are not covered under the Directive. Read More >